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We see the whole person.

We’re passionate about helping our clients build purpose-driven, dynamic, and forward-thinking workplaces.

At Facet, we’ll help you find candidates that exemplify your core values and bring your mission and vision to life.

Our approach is transparent and personal.

You won't find us sifting for keywords or chasing candidate quotas. We listen, learn, and get to know the people we represent.

We look beyond the traditional résumé to discover the right person your organization needs to grow and flourish. We specialize in recruiting and developing aspiring leaders in management roles.

As your talent partner, we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your priorities, company culture and skill set needed to ensure a successful match. We also give the same level of attention to our high-calibre, driven candidates.

Our incredible clients -

and dare we say, friends

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Facet’s recruitment and development services for aspiring leaders include:

  • Thorough selection criteria through collaboration with client stakeholders
  • Development of a robust search strategy to produce a deep selection pool
  • High calibre assessment of the skills and talents that ensure an excellent fit
  • Care and attention to the candidate's experience

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