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President & Chief Executive Officer - NSLC (Filled)

Exceptional Relationship and Customer Experience Leader.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) is a provincial crown corporation and one of the province’s largest retailers with a mandate to manage the safe and responsible distribution and sale of beverage alcohol and recreational cannabis. NSLC generates over $230 million annually that is returned to the Province of Nova Scotia for investment in public programs and services.

In addition to a network of over 100 retail stores, 69 agency stores and four private wine & specialty stores, the NSLC is a wholesaler to more than 2000 bars and restaurants across the province, offering a world-class selection of more than 5000 products from around the globe, including local Nova Scotia producers.

In 2018, the NSLC’s mandate was expanded by the Province of Nova Scotia to add recreational cannabis to its product offering with two clear objectives as set out in the legislation: to promote responsible consumption of cannabis and control and carry out the regulated distribution and sale of cannabis.

Led by a talented and committed team spanning over 1,500 full-time and part-time employees across the province, the NSLC deeply cares about the people and communities in which it operates, supporting and cultivating local industry, generating revenues that fund public programs and services and delivering an engaging retail experience for customers.

The President and CEO is appointed by Governor in Council, reports to the Board of Directors and is accountable to the Minister responsible for the NSLC. Subject to broad guidance from the Board of Directors and the Minister, and within legislated limits, the President and CEO has responsibility for the long-term and day-to-day operations of the NSLC.

Corporate social responsibility is fundamental to every aspect of NSLC’s operations. The CEO will not only be accountable for delivering strong financial performance, but as equally important, will embed social responsibility into the fabric of the organization and champion the responsible consumption of products.

As chief ambassador and spokesperson for the organization, the President and CEO is a visionary leader who embraces the catalytic role the NSLC can have in growing Nova Scotia’s global reputation and economy through partnerships. The CEO has demonstrated experience in providing broad and balanced leadership in a time of industry change.

While entrepreneurial-minded, the President and CEO has demonstrated ability to work effectively in a regulated environment, recognizing the varied stakeholders involved in a high-profile, commercial crown corporation. An exceptional relationship builder, they are adept at developing strong partnerships with stakeholders, internal and external to the organization, to proactively understand issues, cultivate trust, transparency and extend influence and support.

With its newly expanded mandate, the President and CEO’s scope now spans two distinct industries - one new and evolving quickly and one well established but subject to global commercial pressures and trends. Continued leadership of the institutionalization and operationalization of recreational cannabis is a top priority for the President and CEO while ensuring the organization operates safely, with a strong customer focus and a clear understanding of its social responsibility mandate.

The successful candidate will possess an undergraduate degree in a related field (i.e. retail management, business administration, marketing, finance) preferably complemented with a graduate degree in a related discipline. They will have at least 10 years of senior leadership experience with a demonstrated track record of embracing and leading change in a medium to large organization, preferably in a retail or consumer goods environment. Experience working in a regulated environment is an asset. Experience working with a board of directors in a commercial enterprise or crown corporation is required with an Institute of Corporate Directors’ designation (ICD.D), or equivalent, considered an asset. The successful candidate will have an understanding of the changing retail environment and knowledge of retail marketing, merchandising and the application of consumer research. They will possess strong financial acumen, a proven track record building and developing high performing teams as well as superior IQ and EQ with the ability to cultivate strong relationships and partnerships.

To learn more about the NSLC, please visit

For further information, please contact Kim West or Amy Reid at 902-422-2099.

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