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Chief Strategy & Competitive Renewal Officer - Atlantic Lottery (Filled)

Building a stronger Atlantic Canada, one player experience at a time.

Headquartered in Moncton, New Brunswick, Atlantic Lottery Corporation has been delivering lottery excellence to Atlantic Canadians since 1976. With a mandate to provide government regulated and responsible products for those who choose to game, Atlantic Lottery delivers 100% of lottery profits back into community hands, playing a significant role in growing sustainable economic contribution in the region.

Enterprise-wide innovation is a critical pillar of Atlantic Lottery’s corporate culture in a competitive open market. While a leader in their industry, the rapidly evolving global gaming environment has accelerated the need to increase strategic and operational competitiveness. In response, Atlantic Lottery has established a new Strategy & Competitive Renewal operating unit with a directed focus on driving competitive renewal in company culture, enterprise-wide innovation and re-staging of critical systems and processes.

Reporting to the President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the newly created role of Chief Strategy & Competitive Renewal Officer (CSCRO) is a member of Atlantic Lottery’s C-Level Officers and Executive Team and will be accountable for providing broad critical oversight of many of the functions central to the repositioning of the corporation’s cultural and innovative competitiveness. Working in close collaboration with the other C-Level Officers and Executive Team, the CSCRO will have responsibility for the leadership and assembly of strategy and operating plans critical in advancing and modernizing the player experience and delivering long term sustainable profit results to shareholders.

While organizational transformation is a responsibility of the full Executive Team, the CSCRO will develop and lead the cultural change agenda. Working closely with their reporting Vice President, People and Culture, they will be accountable for architecting a new and progressive relationship with Atlantic Lottery employees and will in essence be the organization’s Chief Change Officer.

The CSCRO will also be accountable for driving the corporation’s innovation agenda and embedding continual innovation into the DNA of the organization. A full review of legacy systems and processes will be part of the mandate. They will work closely with their reporting Vice President, Innovation and Renewal, and other leaders, with a mandate for renewal set with clear objectives as the company seeks to significantly accelerate the modernization of its gaming portfolio.

The CSCRO, together with the C-Level Officers and Executive Team, will set the longer-term direction for the corporation, with respect to matters with a multi-departmental scope and will share in the responsibility for delivering on the goals as set in the corporation’s Strategic Operating Plan, Annual Business Plan, and the Corporate Balanced Scorecard. Together they will be accountable for constructing strategy and oversight of operations supporting the corporation’s broadest goals of achieving responsibly generated sustainable growth in profit, expanding its player franchise, and operating the enterprise under a competitive cost structure.

The successful candidate will possess an Undergraduate degree or Master’s degree in Business Administration, Public Relations or a related discipline. They will have at least 10 years of combined leadership experience in and/or Human Resources, Innovation, Business Development or Planning. They will have superior knowledge and understanding of social, political, technological and economic factors that impact the gaming business, either in gaming or in related fast moving environments such as consumer goods. The new CSCRO will have a demonstrated track record of successfully championing and driving transformational organizational change. Additionally, proven leadership experience in developing and managing a large, complex and dynamic environment and a track record of experience executing on functional/corporate strategy is required. The successful candidate will also have an excellent record of building high-performing divisions and teams.

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